About Us

ThiButt™ portable fire prevention device. Letter of recommendation
Best personal fire prevention device approved by persons in Fire Fighting Industry


Thibutt ™ is a portable ash collection device which aids in the prevention of unnecessary fires ignited by the improper disposal of cigarette butts. No More Tossed Cigarettes from vehicle windows, in planters or outdoor refuse containers, all potential causes of fire. Thibutt™ units help to reduce the unpleasant odours of smoke and uses patented technology in the design of all of our units.

Perfect for patios and balconies.
A must have for your car/truck, R.V. or boat.


Our mission is to provide the best possible fire prevention device for use with tobacco products. We do not promote the use of tobacco. We do promote the safe extinguishing and disposal of tobacco products.

Company Overview

The unique design of the ThiButt™ unit was envisioned after being unable to extinguish a 'butt can fire', due to being temporarily restricted to a wheelchair. The resulting fire grew with six foot flames that almost started a structure fire.